Make Your Own Silver Bling Ring

May 31, 2012


A beautiful sterling Silver Bling Ring, made using a Lampwork bead and Swarovski Crystal beads


Silver Bling Ring

Lancaster Jewellery School have a new teaching facility offering Evening Courses, Saturday Courses and Intensive 5 day training for those who wish to progress quickly. Today they will teach you how to make this gorgeous ring and give tips on how we can do this at home.





Materials & Tools:

Materials Needed

You will need a tape measure, ring mandrel, round nose pliers, straight nose pliers, side cutters, and a hammer.

4 cm of 1mm silver wire

2 x 2.5cm of 0.7mm silver wire

1 x flat bead 1cm length

4 x 4mm round beads


Step 1

Forming the Ring

Using the tape measure, measure the width of the widest part of your finger then slide the tape measure along the mandrel until it matches the measurement size of your finger, mark this point with masking tape or a washable marker. Wrap the silver around this point twice to make two circles and bend the remaining silver up at a right angle. You need a 1cm length to make a loop, using the side cutters remove the excess. Hammer the protruding ends flat on both sides.




Step 2

Loop Forming

Using the round nose pliers turn a loop in the hammered protruding ends in opposite directions. Make sure you use the widest part of the pliers so you get a nice large loop.

That’s the framework of the ring now finished.





Step 3

Turn a medium size loop in the 1mm wire using the round nose pliers, then thread on the lampwork bead and make a second loop on the other side, turning the loop in the opposite direction.


Step 4


Lampwork Bead on 1mm Wire

Using the straight nose pliers open the loop sideways like opening a door, do not uncurl the loop or you loose the nice shape.

Hook this on to the main body of the ring and close the loop again with the straight nose pliers. Repeat this for the other side.





Step 5


Now make a small loop on the 0.7mm wire using the pointed end of the round nose pliers to stop the beads sliding off.

Thread on the Swarovski Crystal Beads and turn a medium size loop in the other end to attach to the ring. Repeat this with the remaining beads and wire. You now have a finished ring!




Tips & Hints

Finished Silver Ring

If you don’t have all the tools look around at home to find things to use. Anything small & cylinder shaped can be used to wrap the silver e.g. a spindle on a chair, a wooden spoon handle.

String can be used to measure your finger. If you don’t have round nose pliers, use thin knitting needles to turn a loop.

Use any wire cutters they don’t have to be side cutters. Alternately you can buy a basic beading kit which will have the required pliers.

When you have the hang of it you can make this in less than 30 minutes!



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