‘The Jewellery Maker’ Interviewed on Radio Lancashire about the 2012 UK Budget

March 21, 2012

the-jewellery-maker-delia-and-janetDelia and Janet were both interviewed live on Radio Lancashire this morning. The interview was broadcast live just after 8.00 this morning.

Radio Lancashire chose ‘The Jewellery Maker’ to interview, to find out how the UK budget could affect small businesses in Lancashire.

In addition to learning about the challenges of running a small business, Radio Lancashire were also keen to find out how the Budget affects there family lives.

You can hear the interview we did this morning by clicking the play button below (sorry the quality isn’t great!):


The Budget will be being presented in Parliament as I’m writing this, so tomorrow morning Radio Lancashire will be interviewing Janet and Delia again to get their reaction to today’s Budget.

If you’re around in the morning then you can hear it sometime between 8.00am and 9.00am UK time.

Here’s the link to the Radio Lancashire Website:


and if you click the link below you should be able to hear Radio Lancashire LIVE.


Let us know how the budget affects you, especially in terms of whether or not it will influence your decisions on how you spend your spare time and whether or not it affects you in terms of your interest in Jewellery Making.




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