The right tool for the job?

September 23, 2012

silver_01_074Successful jewellery making requires the correct tools.  There are plenty of ways to improvise with items that you’ll find around the house but there comes a time in your jewellery making career when you can advance no further without a few tools.  Once you start your collection, you’ll want to keep building it.

So in a series of articles about tools, we aim to give you an unbiased guide to what tools you might need, their uses and how to get the best out of them.

Spend what you can afford.  With jewellery making tools, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ really is true. And what you spend can be limitless. It is better to spend what you can afford than to buy cheap and keep replacing them. You’ll spend more in the long run. So once you have decided that jewellery making is for you, consider spending a little more and buy something that will last you well. A few carefully chosen good quality tools will last you a lifetime. In years to come you’ll have your favourite saw frame with it’s softly worn handle but no rust or tarnishing and you’ll be convinced that no other saw frame will cut in a straight line!

Another important factor to bear in mind is that not all tools are made specifically for making jewellery and whilst there is room for household tools in your jewellery making kit, tools that are not used exclusively for making jewellery can pick up damage that will mark your piece so it’s worth keeping your jewellery tools well away from your household tool kit and taking the necessary time to care for them.

If you treat your tools with respect and care, they will provide you with years of service.

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